Optic Nerve Direct provides direct mail services to large and small companies. We offer extensive experience with creating estimates and specifications, managing the printing and fulfillment cycle and working with all levels of creative talent, clients and senior managers.

The Hornblower Holiday self mailer postcard mailed with two versions, divided by list segmentation of the San Diego region and the San Francisco Bay Area regions. It was our responsiblity to ensure that the proper lists were personalized onto the right mailer, distinquished by a keycode. Both mailers were of the same quantity so the keycode was critical to the success of the mailing list. Optic Nerve Direct managed the entire process from scheduling of the lists, that included the delivery time and destination of the mailers, the actual wording of the indicia, to the personalization of the accurate sign-offs of each of the two self mailers. Optic Nerve Direct managed and executed the entire mailing process to ensure that the Holiday mailing went off with no surprises and that the client could continue to dream of sugarplums dancing in their sleep.

The goal of all of the Emery Worldwide "Interesting Shipments" was to emphasize to domestic and international shippers that Emery Worldwide had the talent, the equipment and skills to safely manage the transfer of delicate, heavy and obscure objects or vital equipment to distant and out of the "normal" locations at reasonable costs and minimal travel time. In this case, the client, Emery Worldwide, part of Menlo Logistics, offered us the challenge of printing and mailing a large format self mailer that included lots of 4 color images, Tons of stars and dark "spacey" space as well as clear, concise copy objectives as well as a perf off reply card and the " Apollo 13 Space Pen" premium, which, as you know from the movie, "Apollo 13" starring Tom Hanks, the pen was instrumental in breaking into a panel to get to vital "space parts" to ensure that the astronauts would be able to return home to earth. Well, the design, the printing and the mailing went out safely, and the fulfillment was managed as well by a secure team of ground control experts. Emery Worldwide kits are some of the nicest direct mail kits I have personnally managed and executed and I am proud to have been a part of the Emery Worldwide ground control team. One Small Call to Emery, One Giant Leap For Your shipment was the tagline.....how true.

Certa Pro-Painting is a local franchise of a major nationwide commercial and residential painting concern whose local contact is Terrance Ladd. It has been in business since the early 1900's though our client is barely in his thirties. So, it was OPTIC NERVE DIRECT'S challenge to find the right zip codes in the right markets that would support an entire painting "makeover" usually in the range of between eight and ten thousand dollars for Certa ProPainters to work their painting magic. The uniqueness of this 4 1/4 x 5 1/2 postcard mailing lay in its focus on three separate postcards that listed three or more unique home locations where Certa Pro-Painter contractors had provided finished homes for display. The recipients of the direct mail postcards could drive by and review the beautifully painted homes in their zip codes and then call the local Certa number provided on the postcard. How easy is that? Well, the response is doing well and we look forward to doing a July mailing for our client, Certa ProPainters of San Francisco, headed by Mr. Terrance Ladd. You can reach him at 415-661-8400 for an estimate on your house painting.

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