Here are just some of the marketing services that

I have worked with other companies in the past but no one ever gave us the personal attention or follow up that you provide, You really do seek to serve your clients. Your geniuine concern for the needs of your clients sets you apart from any mailing service I had worked with previously.

-Lanny Danenberg,
Principal, studiobecker

· High Speed copying
· Folding & Trimming
· Shrink Wrapping
· High Speed Lasers
· 300 and 600 DPI output
· Postal Pre-sorts· Ink-Jet
· List research and Review
· Multiple List processing
· Merge-Purge
· Zip & Address correction
· Quick quotes
· List clean up
· Data Processing

Creative Design services
· New Product offerings
· Client presentation folders/kits
· Collateral and Trade shows
· Neon and Metallic inks too
· Pre-Press color work
· Proof Review & Correction
· Press checks
· Die Cut approvals
· Paper and Ink Samples
· NCOA (National Change of Address)
· Full color digital Printing
· 2 color Document Imaging
· Bindery checks

Manage the resources available to plan, administer, traffic, direct and execute strategy, creative direction, database marketing, production and fulfillment operations, which include developing the offer, package and component specifications and store channel distribution.
Supervise suppliers and agency performance in the execution of creative strategy operations, Oversee cost management. Review creative development, list selection, vendor suppliers and develop and track budgets. Oversee on-site press checks for quality and accuracy.
Implement copy, creative and production. Bring forward and achieve legal approvals of all submitted copy. Establish critical path schedules, oversee vendor proofs and supervise press checks. Review tape and lettershop instructions and all fulfillment and back end directions. Obtain correct data and postage check monies as priorities.
Research new cost effective production processes that result in pricing and time efficiencies. Investigate best vendor selection based upon equipment, pricing and available scheduling and past performance.
Develop strong working relationships with clients, team members and suppliers to ensure a smooth execution of copy, legal, creative, traffic, production and to track close adherence to budgetary constraints. Experience with financial services and high profile clientele.

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