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Optic Nerve Direct provides direct mail services to large and small companies. We offer extensive experience with creating estimates and specifications, managing the printing and fulfillment cycle and working with all levels of creative talent, clients and senior managers.

Optic Nerve Direct
has seen all kinds of production challenges that may include acquisition/renewal programs with direct mail or marketing communications across all mediums and/or channels. You will benefit from a result oriented, hands-on marketing/production team committed to delivering a quality product, no matter what challenges are presented. We combine strong initiative and focus to get the job done right the first time, especially with demanding clients.

Consider the following accomplishments:

  • Devised a plan of action to strategize, obtain competitive bids and prepare extensive estimates for the Platinum Financial Group seminar mailings and publication inserts
  • Initiated and executed several Visa and MasterCard informational direct mail and collateral campaigns and supervised staff that included creative, copy and production
  • Executed for Charles Schwab & Company International, several multi-cell customer acquisition programs for mutual fund offerings translated into Mandarin, Spanish and English languages, to their offshore account holders. Supervised creative, translation, copy, production and distribution for a mutual fund offering
  • Managed and produced multiple inserts and sell sheets for Wells Fargo distribution to multiple store locations as well as trade show events

Highlights and Qualifications:

  • Qualified to direct, execute and implement marketing strategies with emphasis upon financial services or credit card activation, retention and up-grade strategies. Able to create designs, purchase and deliver efficiently, direct mail, collateral and fulfillment services to support marketing initiatives across all marketing and supply chain channels
  • Responsible for managing staff, resources, time management and budgets
  • Dedicated to Critical Path scheduling, time frames and drop dead deadlines
  • Supervise Press and lettershop checks for quality control procedures

I really appreciate all your help and I can always trust that you are doing the best for me so I don't have to worry about the job while I am away from the office...I will letyou know when I have another mailing to do as well as recommend you to the other non-profits I work with.

-Pui Yee Law
Chinatown Community Development Center

We have worked with some of the major and minor direct marketing companies such as Ayer Direct, DMB & B Direct as well as non profit organizations like Catholic Digest Magazine, the Catholic Near East Welfare Association, Save the Children, Rotoplast International, and the Chinatown Community Development Center.

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